Unique to Parliament Week

Oh yes we are, unique to Parliament Week 2013. I’ve had the great pleasure today of attending the launch of Parliament Week 2013 for which Domestic Angels is a privileged partner. Parliament Week is an outreach programme to connect with the great people of Britain and spread the word and benefits of democracy. This year’s theme is Women in Democracy with several ‘partners’, mainly charities and educational institutions, delivering events and activities in support of the theme. Domestic Angels were approached to take part based on our reputation and awards won this year. I couldn’t resist, I totally believe in democracy and am thrilled with the opportunity to promote it in a non-political arena.

Our relationship with Parliament Week is unique because we are a privately owned small business and we have come up with an idea to fulfill our role as partners which has enabled the local council and the chamber of trade to become stakeholders. Basically we are introducing business to the partner’s mix which is currently dominated by charities, arts institutions, museums, youth groups and campaigning groups. I wonder why we are the first. My guess is that it is easy to assume that political connections can be damaging however this initiative does not lend allegiance to any political party. From a business owner’s point of view it sits more comfortably under the umbrella of social responsibility and therefore has much PR mileage beautifully balanced with enriching the community.

For our event, the Mayor of Bournemouth has not only committed his time for the day, he has also lent us the town hall as a venue, the seat of local democracy. We will be enjoying a tour of the historic buildings conducted by the mace bearers followed by presentations and Q & A sessions in the amazing setting of Council Chambers involving local MPs, Councillors and business leaders. Our guests will be a 50/50 split of Year 13 students, who have yet to vote, and representatives from the range of local trading districts. My wish is that we are creating a blueprint for the future, an event we can run every year for Parliament Week reflecting the various themes.

It’s a surprise to discover that your position and idea is unique, it’s so natural to assume that our individual ideas are obvious and must be happening elsewhere. I’m very happy that we are venturing into new territory; I consider this to be a privilege. Even greater today has been to discover the possibility of replicating our event across the country, slightly mind blowing, bet we’ll always be unique.

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