Talent: emerge and blossom

Of course we wish to attract talent to our businesses. This could be in the form of mentors, our business networks, contractors or our employees. ‘Recruit talent’ is a bold objective but recruitment is not every entrepreneur’s cup of tea. It is another one of the many hats we wear as business owners, it is not always financially viable to ‘farm out’ the role and anyway, our instinct is to get involved, have a go, learn all that we can so that if and when we do sub-contract, we have sufficient knowledge to manage the expert in our favour. So as non-recruitment experts how do we attract talented staff?

Actually there is very little mystery in this challenge. If you have staff already then the talent is very likely to be closer than you think. The real challenge is about you delegating and trusting. Because we are uber efficient, super in control business owners it can be difficult to even imagine why we would want to pass some of our work or responsibilities onto others. We are very comfortable with what we do and how we do it, we are in a comfort zone and getting out of it can be scary, even inconvenient. At the same time, if we are doing the work ourselves, we know how and when it’s being done. The argument to hold on to this situation is powerful, it is also a limiter to progression and evolution of us as individiuals, our team and ultimately our businesses. A consequent limiter is that staff very rarely want to be doing the same thing in the long term, worklife becomes mundane resulting in two possible outcomes, either a miserable worker or a letter of resignation as they search for a more inspiring post. So to make your life easy, whilst it my seem scary, you need to do the delegating thing but, most importantly, delegate decision making wherever you can. Delegating tasks bulks out an individuals’ role but giving them opportunities or permission to make decisions empowers them, enfranchises your staff, they are no longer systematic workers, they are allowed to think, they are now human, that feels good. Even more spectacular, this increases commitment, proactivity and more decision making, you have started your own delegation snow ball.

The people who work for you already know you and your business far better than you may realise. I’m regularly amazed by the knowledge and detail my team has about Domestic Angels and they actively seek more. I try to empower my staff wherever I can, I want them to make good decisions and feel confident in doing so. Over time we learn from each other which areas or subjects we are happier with, the talents are allowed to emerge. This is when the magic really begins as the emerging talents reveal your in-house experts of the future. If delegation sounds too formal, too grown up or just plain stops you in your tracks, think of it as natural evolution. Businesses are living entities, let yours breathe, allow the talent to emerge and blossom. You, your staff and your business will be all the better for it.



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