Entrepreneurs inspired at Talbot Heath School

Jack Romero KTPR

Bournemouth businesses were treated to a morning of inspiration and blue sky thinking when they attended a Business Seminar and Networking event at Talbot Heath School.

Bournemouth’s answer to Richard Branson, Jack Romero, had a captivated audience as he told his compelling story of how he fled Beirut in the Civil War in 1979 with just £90 to his name and how nearly 30 years later sold his own airline for a staggering £30million.

Jack went on to share his secrets to business success and advised the audience of entrepreneurs, “There is always a solution to challenges in business.  Determination is key, always try and think outside the box and have a clear vision of where you want your business to be. ”

Samantha Acton, the award winning owner of Bournemouth based ‘Domestic Angels’ said, “Listening to Jack today has totally reinforced my own personal beliefs on how one should conduct a business, staying true to one’s personal values which will allow you and your business to grow!”

Mrs Angharad Hollloway, Head at Talbot Heath School added, “It has been fabulous to host today’s event.  It’s been a huge success.  The School runs its own entrepreneurial programme and we are looking forward to welcoming many more Bournemouth businesses to our school in the future.”

Jack concluded, “I am inspired by Richard Branson’s idea of introducing entrepreneurship into School curriculums in order to prepare students’ for the real world of business. That’s why I held this seminar today, to support and compliment Talbot Heath School’s entrepreneurial programme. There was a great mix of local companies that came along. I thoroughly enjoyed the lively discussions that we had.”

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