Denise Buchan of Classic Consulting on Sam Roddick for Parliament Week 2013

“Businesses have the power to do good.” That was a firm belief of the late Dame Anita Roddick, founder of The Body Shop. Her daughter, Sam, passionate activist and founder of Coco de Mer has certainly inherited her mother’s spirit for the pursuit of business success as well as social and environmental change.

I believe that Roddick is a breath of fresh air in British industry. Not only has she achieved commercial success with Coco de Mer – a business that she sold in 2011 – she has fearlessly and courageously campaigned for human rights and works to create a positive lasting impact in society. Sam is now dedicated to sex positive activism and campaigning for sexual liberation with the foundations of consent, and works on campaigns with partner organisations raising awareness of conflict minerals and their connection to sexual violence in the Congo, sex slavery and trafficking, teenage sexual pressure and abuse and the plight of the honey bee.

As women we all have this power to use our voice to drive change in society. Using Roddick and other strong, passionate, socially-conscious women like her as my inspiration, I formed Classic Consulting to bring something new and refreshing to the Brighton recruitment landscape and in some small way, use this platform to give back to the community. As business owners, and as women, I truly believe we have the duty support the communities in which we operate.

I can say with absolute certainly that our involvement with social initiatives and Sussex-based charities such as the ‘Want to Work’ programme run by Brighton & Hove Albion, Chestnut Tree House Children’s Hospice, Young Lives Foundation and Rockinghorse Foundation to name a few, has had a positive impact on our business success to date. It brings our team closer together, connects us many amazing people and helps those who are most vulnerable and at risk in our community.

Sam Roddick is an inspiration to me because she is bright, articulate and feisty, and most importantly, uses her voice and position to highlight causes and facilitate projects that are bigger than her and her own needs. Thank you, Sam, for helping me define my personal and business goals as well as motivating me to be the best female entrepreneur I can be.

Denise Buchan

Founder, Classic Consulting

Multi award winning, specialist recruitment placing Integrity first








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