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If you have a business delivering products, services or employing the local community then you should consider partnering Parliament Week 2014. Corporate Social Responsibility comes in many forms providing PR platforms for your brand. Parliament Week combines the two elements and additionally delivers enforced credibility. It is evidence that your corporate ethos believes in the empowerment of the individual and the wider democratic community.

Domestic Angels chose to physically and consciously connect members of the community with the local seat of democracy thus enhancing the probability of voting and interest in public matters both locally and nationally. A range of networked individuals and sixth form students were formally invited to attend the event which was hosted by Domestic Angels, business colleagues, Councillors and ultimately the Mayor. Guests were met and hosted prior to a tour of the Town Hall conducted by the Mace Bearers before being escorted into the council chambers. The Mace Bearers called the room to order and formally escorted the Mayor to the Chair where he was flanked by the panel consisting of two local MPs, a local Councillor and the president of the Bournemouth Chamber of Trade and Commerce.

Domestic Angels invited the local chamber of trade and the Council to be stakeholders in the event who were able to provide funding and the venue free of charge. We were particularly keen to engage students who took full advantage of this unique event bringing their questions, thoughts and perceptions to the attention of the wider audience. During the event the students also increased their awareness of the stakeholders, Domestic Angels and participating hosts. Local and national political representatives became accessible to the audience, barriers were dismantled, engagement nurtured.

In terms of output, the Council has been prompted to re-visit youth engagement plans and have invited Domestic Angels to consult on this project as well as others which are of corporate subject interest, again furthering credibility. The Council is now embracing the fact that such a collaboration with the private sector and connected organizations is not only possible but also beneficial to all and reflects positively on the Council as an entity reaching out to its customers and encouraging connection. For the Chamber of Trade they have raised their profile with the potential leaders, entrepreneurs and decision makers of the future and demonstrated publicly their interest in the democratic health of the local community, not just of their members which promotes the organization as inclusive opposed to exclusive. In both cases become more accessible.

Our Parliament Week 2013 event is merely the foundation stone for 2014, whilst it was successful, this year our aim is to reach out to even more senior school students so that they can enjoy the same benefits which should also go some way to reducing their potential apathy towards voting or resistance to public service during their adult years, 2 qualities which will enhance the society of the future.

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