Parliament Week

What is Parliament Week?

Parliament Week is a UK-wide programme of events and activities that inspire, engage and connect people with parliamentary democracy.  Parliament Week 2013 will run from 15-21 November.

Members of the House of Commons and the House of Lords take an active part in Parliament Week. Our partners support the week by running events and activities that form a major part of our programme.

Parliament Week is delivered by the House of Commons with the support of the House of Lords.

Women in Democracy

Part of the Parliament Week programme this year is focussing on Women in Democracy – celebrating women’s contribution to UK democratic life and exploring how women’s voices can be better heard.


Women’s participation in UK democratic life is crucial to ensure that it is well informed, representative and diverse.

By focussing on Women in Democracy we aim to:

  • Inspire women to play a greater role in UK democratic life
  • increase public awareness of the many ways that both women and men can get involved and get their voices heard in the UK Parliament and democratic life more broadly
  • increase public awareness of women’s contribution to democratic life in the UK