To the Venus Award ladies of Dorset who are in the arena, daring greatly.

Good Afternoon, it’s my job to tell you to make the most of this opportunity, to PR the hell out of it and buy tickets for the finals in June but actually the most important thing I can tell you today is ‘why’ you should do these things. I’m going to read out a quote from Theodore Roosevelt from 1910: “It is not the critic who counts, nor the man who points how the strong man stumbled or where the doer of deeds could have done them better Continue reading

My Room 101 – Obsession with SME’s needing investment

I have a room 101 nomination, media headlines and political comment stating that ‘businesses are unable to access funding from banks, we have to get the banks lending again, we need to make alternative funding available’. This has been so noisy in recent years, since the 2008 sub-prime bubbleburst, that I am convinced it is merely a default subject when either political party senses that ‘business’ hasn’t been in the headlines recently. The tone of the headlines sounds so desperate at times as to imply an imminent hiatus in UK business if this matter isn’t addressed. I am not convinced that the need for all of this ‘alternative’ funding is as important as it is portrayed. Continue reading

Entrepreneurs inspired at Talbot Heath School

Jack Romero KTPR

Bournemouth businesses were treated to a morning of inspiration and blue sky thinking when they attended a Business Seminar and Networking event at Talbot Heath School.

Bournemouth’s answer to Richard Branson, Jack Romero, had a captivated audience as he told his compelling story of how he fled Beirut in the Civil War in 1979 with just £90 Continue reading

Favouring the brave – Tara Howard

Tara Howard, founder of Venus Awards, was born to parents who were already both pilots, so she was also inevitably destined to touch the sky. In Issue 8 of DIY Girl, Tara explains why she favours the brave and why her vision is to to enhance the lives of women around the world through encouragement and self-empowerment


Community and corporate social responsibility rolled into one

PW Partner logo web version

If you have a business delivering products, services or employing the local community then you should consider partnering Parliament Week 2014. Corporate Social Responsibility comes in many forms providing PR platforms for your brand. Parliament Week combines the two elements and additionally delivers enforced credibility. It is evidence that your corporate ethos believes in the empowerment of the individual and the wider democratic community. Continue reading

Talent: emerge and blossom

Of course we wish to attract talent to our businesses. This could be in the form of mentors, our business networks, contractors or our employees. ‘Recruit talent’ is a bold objective but recruitment is not every entrepreneur’s cup of tea. It is another one of the many hats we wear as business owners, it is not always financially viable to ‘farm out’ the role and anyway, our instinct is to get involved, have a go Continue reading

The mis-perception of home based business – we don’t need to leave home!

The thought of working from home is so attractive to us as individuals that larger employers having taken advantage of this fact more and more over the last decade which has been made possible by technological advances and affordability. The result is happier workers which equates to increased commitment and output plus reduced overheads simultaneously. Win win. Continue reading

The Growing Importance of Home Based Businesses

The growing importance of home based businesses – why local and national policy makers should consider our importance.

The dynamics of home based businesses have drastically altered since the turn of the century. Whilst the definition of a ‘cottage industry’ may remain stable (a small business run from home) the service or product delivered by these businesses does not resemble that delivered in previous centuries. The drastic difference is electronic communication. Today, more than ever in recent history, it is possible to build a business empire from your favorite armchair or kitchen table. Continue reading