Talent: emerge and blossom

Of course we wish to attract talent to our businesses. This could be in the form of mentors, our business networks, contractors or our employees. ‘Recruit talent’ is a bold objective but recruitment is not every entrepreneur’s cup of tea. It is another one of the many hats we wear as business owners, it is not always financially viable to ‘farm out’ the role and anyway, our instinct is to get involved, have a go Continue reading

The mis-perception of home based business – we don’t need to leave home!

The thought of working from home is so attractive to us as individuals that larger employers having taken advantage of this fact more and more over the last decade which has been made possible by technological advances and affordability. The result is happier workers which equates to increased commitment and output plus reduced overheads simultaneously. Win win. Continue reading

The Growing Importance of Home Based Businesses

The growing importance of home based businesses – why local and national policy makers should consider our importance.

The dynamics of home based businesses have drastically altered since the turn of the century. Whilst the definition of a ‘cottage industry’ may remain stable (a small business run from home) the service or product delivered by these businesses does not resemble that delivered in previous centuries. The drastic difference is electronic communication. Today, more than ever in recent history, it is possible to build a business empire from your favorite armchair or kitchen table. Continue reading